Review: Circe by Madeline Miller

IMG_6844Genre: Fiction-Fantasy

Rating: 5.0/5.0 Stars

Main Takeaway: A great read for myth-lovers and for those looking for a feminist, empowering novel. Must read!

Circe was born the daughter of Helios, the mighty titan who makes the sun appear in the sky each day, and Perse, her vain and neglectful mother. From the start, Circe is different than her family members. She is interested in humanity, even cares for them; she feels empathy and awe for man. Always on the outskirts of divine society, Circe eventually finds herself exiled, completely alone in a more visceral manner than ever before, and she must find a way to be truly herself and find the happiness she has always sought after.

I received Circe as my April Book of the Month Club pick, and from the start I knew it had everything I was looking for in my next favorite read – history, mythology, romance, feminist empowerment, and adventure. While I’ll admit the first third of this novel moved a bit slowly, it really picked up pace afterwards as I got to see my favorite mythological figures – Jason and Medea, Odysseus, Scylla, Hermes – weave in and out of this story.

Circe might be the most universally relatable character I’ve read in a long time. Her fear, her pain, her loneliness all struck a chord with me, and at the same time the freedom she found in her solitude was incredibly empowering. Through all the hardships Circe endured (which when you’re immortal is an awful lot), she remained good, she stayed true to herself and her beliefs, she let no man or god sway who she was. Circe is easily one of my top five reads of this year, and a must read for everyone.

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