Review: She Was the Quiet One by Michele Campbell

FullSizeRender-1 copy 3.jpgGenre: Thriller

Rating: 4.0/5.0 Stars

Publication Date: July 31, 2018

Main Takeaway: A slow start, but it picks up and turns into a unstoppable read. Full of suspense and perfect for readers who love to scheme.

**I received this novel from the author and publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I received no compensation for this review, and the opinions expressed were not influenced by this transaction.**

After the loss of both their parents, twins Bel and Rose are sent to Odell boarding school by their wealthy, detatched grandmother. Bel and Rose, who should be finding solace in one another in such a time of loss and turmoil, instead find themselves pitted against one another, fighting in the cafeteria, and keeping dangerous secrets. Will the tension between the two sisters boil over into violence, or is there someone more sinister threatening their lives?

She Was the Quiet One started out a bit slow for me. We know from the very start that one of the two sisters will be dead by the end of the book and the other cast into suspicion, but it takes a while for the background and suspense to really build up to a point where you can theorize on whose dead, where you need to have the answers.

Almost half way through the novel, I became hooked. Campbell casts suspicion on everyone, keeping you guessing and the pages turning. She weaves a web of details, of lies and secrets that lead you to the very end, unraveling the truth slowly and purposefully. She Was the Quiet One was quick, suspenseful, dramatic, and incisive, and a perfect weekend read.

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